Wallis Pharmacy is a trusted name in the retail pharmacy segment in Houston, Texas. We serve thousands of customers each year, becoming a trusted name with both patients and doctors alike.

Health officials agree that with the growing population and the spread of cities, retail pharmacy will become one of the vital cornerstones in building a healthy community as demand for getting customized medicines will become more and more vocal.

Patient Counseling

At Wallis Pharmacy, we offer patient counseling as we feel that every patient should understand the new prescriptions and refills, what they are used for, what to expect, possible side effects, food or drug interactions etc. Our patients can also speak to our pharmacist about any medication concerns you have.

Retail Pharmacy Services Aimed to Help Patients

Wallis Pharmacy focuses on providing the best retail pharmacy services to its customers at the most economical rates, while at the same time building a relationship that makes a patient feel comfortable and at ease. At Wallis Pharmacy, we supply medicines that others might find hard to get their hands on at a short notice. Doctors and hospitals regularly rely on us for such critical matters – a responsibility we bear with great honour.

We supply both branded as well as generic drugs. Our staff is well trained to cater to each need of the patient who comes to our store.

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications

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